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- Easy to play! -Just flick the AMEDAMA in the hole!Different colors are worth different pointsAnd the rainbow ones are …?- Get COMBOs to score up! -Don’t miss for a combo bonusThe longer the combo the bigger the bonusEarn a huge score!
- FEVER! -Get lots in the hole to hit fever modeGet a score bonus and some other good things!
- Roulette-Spin the roulette for itemsYou can use 2 items in the gameUse the items to boost your scoreTime their use well to smash the high score
- Play and get coins! -You get a coin for every AMEDAMA you get in the holeUse the coins to get more life and items
- Cost-Full version FREE to play (in app purchases available but not required)
- Support-Contact us though our website